Why We Do a Thorough Website Analysis and Review

We offer this service for free to all of our customers as a part of the design process because we discovered that it is critical to success.

As soon as we close a deal on a web design project we immediately analyze and review the website’s traffic, and ask some key questions about their business strategy and then we compare goals to the existing design. There is a lot to lose when you redesign a website and we do this to make sure that we avoid any of the downsides that come with redesigning a website. After a thorough analysis we suggest possible changes that can fix problems and help your business keep pace with progress by leveraging new technologies like HTML5, responsive design, and related technologies.

There are several great reasons that we do this;

  • A reckless redesign can cost you traffic
  • It can destroy what is working along with what is not
  • It may not register some needed changes in strategy
  • It leaves out the cooperative element of a redesign

Also we believe that proper analysis will make our websites stronger, more profitable, and create happier customers. To create a website that stands out above the competition and also outperforms them we must modify the design to align it with the overall goals of the site. In this way we go out of our way to ensure that we are creating profitable, thoughtful, and useful designs that will propel the business towards their stated goals. Our specialty is integrating existing business ideas and adapting technology to create websites that fit the way companies are already doing business. Please Contact Us for more info.



There is no comparison between a careless semi-professional makeover and a professional redesign using systematic analysis and review of the existing website, its structure, goals and future plans. Without this, a redesign is little more than slapping a new coat of paint on the website and will often do more harm than good. The results can be a drop in traffic that can be devastating to a website. A redesign must take all of the relevant factors into account to make a real difference. For more please see our article on¬†“The Hidden Dangers of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”.

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