Christy Landriault – Falcontail

Meet Our Co-Founder

“I believe the right design, delivered in the right way at the right time, is game-changing.” ~ C.L.

Hi, I am the co-founder, lead graphic artist, strategic planner, and chief financial officer for Falcontail Marketing & Design. I am a small business owner and co-founder with extensive experience in web and graphic art, design, strategy, planning, and execution. I have a extensive knowledge of small businesses, corporations, and start-ups. We can help you create a marketing & design experience that is intuitive, engaging, and profitable.

As a small business owner and as a former employee of a large corporation, I have always been interested in providing cutting-edge solutions for small and moderate enterprises (SME). In 1999, my partner David and I introduced a very sophisticated web design and other agile-marketing technologies that are now used by many large and moderate businesses. We did this to great effect and to the acclaim of our fellow owners and the venture was a great success. Since then we have continued to innovate and help small companies compete and thrive.

Please Contact Me Personally for More Information


I would love to answer any questions. I am typically available by chat during business hours. (See Lower Right Corner of Website) You can also reach me through any of the social channels below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I might be a good fit if you are looking for:


  • 18 years of Experience in Marketing & Design,
  • I founded several small companies.
  • I have worked with large corporations.
  • I have made successful businesses more profitable.
  • I understand what it takes to succeed in business.
  • I have run hundreds of design campaigns.
  • I am an expert in photography and design.
  • I created a cutting-edge design for Stanford University.
  • I can create digital works of art that maximize profit.
  • I am experienced in color theory and psychology.
  • I specialize in hospitality, accommodations, events, & small business.

“Thank you for visiting Falcontail. I truly believe that a better Internet experience makes for a better world both on and off-line.”


I would love to hear about your project. I don’t succeed unless my customers do. We truly love what we do and we believe that it shows in everything that we create. Please feel free to contact me or follow on social media for more information or to say hello.


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