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“I believe that the right message at the right time can quite literally change the world.” ~ D.L.

David is a seasoned professional specializing in cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, strategic planning, project management, and public relations, with a deep understanding of the tourism industry. His career journey is distinguished by his work with tourism-related businesses, including large restaurant groups, museums, and other significant players in the industry. As a visionary strategist, He has also excelled with large non-profits and prestigious institutions of higher learning like Stanford University. David’s proficiency in budgeting large marketing campaigns is second to none, and his contributions to various businesses have resulted in substantial growth and increased visibility.


David’s commitment to environmental advocacy is marked by his successful PR and digital marketing role in an environmental campaign for the Texas Health & Educational Alliance, or THEA, securing a $115 million settlement for damages caused by dioxin contamination in the San Jacinto River.


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In the realm of politics, David has provided advisory support for several successful political campaigns and bond issues. His association with political figures, such as Mayor Craig Brown, during challenging times of crisis reflects his adeptness at crisis management and political navigation.


David’s marketing acumen is notably evident in his design of successful cutting-edge social media and digital marketing strategies, which continue to yield significant results for clients. His skills in understanding human behavior and motivation have been sharpened by his work with prestigious and high-profile clients, such as NY Times Best Selling author Dr. B.J. Fogg and the Stanford University Behavior Design Lab. This work helped to demonstrate his ability to unlock the keys to positive motivation, operate effectively in high-stakes environments, and create positive and groundbreaking results for clients.


David’s career is characterized by adaptability and versatility, with his professional capabilities extending from strategic planning to budgeting, from marketing to public relations. His unique blend of skills and experience, coupled with his dedication to environmental conservation and understanding of the tourism industry, makes him an exemplary leader in roles that value innovation, strategic thinking, and public stewardship.

Please Contact Me Personally for More Information


I would love to answer any questions. I am typically available by chat during business hours. (See Lower Right Corner of Website) You can also reach me through any of the social channels below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I might be a good fit if you are looking for:


  • 25 years of Experience in Marketing & Design
  • I founded several small companies.
  • I have turned around failing businesses.
  • I have made successful businesses more profitable.
  • I have extensive experience in solving problems.
  • I have run hundreds of marketing campaigns.
  • I am an expert in responsive web design.
  • I created a cutting-edge design for Stanford University.
  • I can create moving and profitable user experiences.
  • I am experienced in behavior design strategies.
  • I specialize in hospitality, accommodations, events, & small business.

“Thank you for visiting Falcontail. I truly believe that a better Internet experience makes for a better world both on and off-line.”


I would love to hear about your project. I don’t succeed unless my customers do. We truly love what we do and we believe that it shows in everything that we create. Please feel free to contact me or follow on social media for more information or to say hello.


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