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Meet Our Co-Founder

“I want to help independent restaurants, events venues, SMEs & hospitality businesses achieve the same success as large corporations and chains.” ~ D.L.

I started my professional life running a small family business near Houston TX where, in 1999, my partner and I introduced a sophisticated web design, internet advertising, web presence, SEO, viral sales strategies, and many “cutting edge” technologies that are now standard practice. Our business was, at least by our standards at the time, a great success. I also found that I took great pleasure in my creation and the ability to level the playing field for my business against major players in the industry. Thus my passion for a new type of marketing & design was born.

Since then I have designed websites for dozens of businesses and interests including a design for Stanford University and gotten a crash course in “what works and doesn’t work” in the real world of online business and Internet sales. I have built sites that received almost one million visitors a year. In 2011 I realized that there was a huge change coming. I took 18 months off to experiment with new technologies and develop cutting-edge techniques. Before long Christy and I had a plan that would allow us to bring those designs to the small businesses that need them, and Falcontail was born.

Please Contact Me Personally for More Information


I would love to answer any questions. I am typically available by chat during business hours. (See Lower Right Corner of Website) You can also reach me through any of the social channels below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I might be a good fit if you are looking for:


  • 19 years of Experience in Marketing & Design
  • I founded several small companies.
  • I have turned around failing businesses.
  • I have made successful businesses more profitable.
  • I have extensive experience in solving problems.
  • I have run hundreds of marketing campaigns.
  • I am an expert in responsive web design.
  • I created a cutting-edge design for Stanford University.
  • I can create moving and profitable user experiences.
  • I am experienced in behavior design strategies.
  • I specialize in hospitality, accommodations, events, & small business.

“Thank you for visiting Falcontail. I truly believe that a better Internet experience makes for a better world both on and off-line.”


I would love to hear about your project. I don’t succeed unless my customers do. We truly love what we do and we believe that it shows in everything that we create. Please feel free to contact me or follow on social media for more information or to say hello.


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