Falcontail: Empowering Education Through Innovative Marketing

At Falcontail, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our work within the education sector, from local school districts to prestigious universities, showcases our commitment to promoting educational initiatives that make a real difference.

Spotlight on Galveston Independent School District

We partnered with the GISD in promoting the Kermit Courville Stadium. Our targeted campaigns brought the community together, highlighting the stadium’s role not just as a sports venue but as a hub for student activities and community events. These efforts have not only boosted attendance and support but also fostered a stronger sense of community pride and spirit.

Partnership with Stanford University

Our work extends to the academic heights of Stanford University, where we’ve had the honor of collaborating with Dr. BJ Fogg and his renowned Behavior Design Lab. This partnership has allowed us to delve into the intersection of technology, psychology, and education, applying cutting-edge behavioral science to create marketing strategies that are as effective as they are ethical.

Supporting School Board Elections & Bonds

Falcontail’s impact is also felt in the political arena of education. We’ve played a key role in several successful campaigns for Galveston school board members, including Ann Masel, Mindy Lakin, Johnny Smecca, and Dr. Matthew Hay. Our strategic marketing efforts have helped these dedicated individuals secure their positions, where they can continue to advocate for the advancement and well-being of students and the educational system.

Our Approach to Educational Marketing

Our marketing strategies are built on a foundation of understanding and respect. We aim to:


Showcase Educational Excellence: Highlight achievements and opportunities, from groundbreaking research initiatives to community-focused events.


Engage the Community: Foster a connection, ensuring that education is seen as a valuable and integral part of societal growth.


Support Educational Leaders: Aid in effectively communicating their vision and goals, thereby gaining the support needed to implement positive changes.

Let’s Collaborate

Whether you’re looking to promote an educational facility, a specific program, a bond issue, or an educational campaign, Falcontail is here to help. Our expertise in creating tailored, impactful marketing strategies can help elevate your project, ensuring it receives the recognition and support it deserves.


Ready to make a difference in education together? Contact us to start the conversation.

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