Championing Health and Wellness: Falcontail

At Falcontail, we’re passionate about promoting health and wellness through innovative marketing strategies that inspire and mobilize communities. Our collaborations with organizations at the forefront of mental health advocacy, physical well-being, and environmental health underscore our commitment to fostering a healthier world.

Elevating Mental Health Advocacy

Our transformative work with Walk for Mental Health Houston is a prime example of how strategic marketing can amplify the impact of health initiatives. We’ve been instrumental in rebranding this vital organization, broadening its mission to become a national advocate for mental health. This rebranding not only expanded their reach but also deepened their impact, driving a more extensive conversation around mental health and wellness.

Collaboration with Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab

Our partnership with Stanford University’s renowned Behavior Design Lab, led by Dr. BJ Fogg, has allowed us to delve into the intricacies of human behavior and its implications for mental health. This collaboration has been particularly influential in our work for the “Design for Dance” conference, an initiative aimed at enhancing mental and physical health through the joy of dance. This project exemplifies our commitment to innovative approaches that promote overall well-being.

Launching Courtisde Fitness

Our commitment to health extends into the physical realm with our involvement in launching Courtside Fitness in League City. This new fitness center is more than just a gym; it’s a community hub designed to foster physical health and wellness. Our marketing efforts for Courtside Fitness are focused on creating an inviting, inclusive atmosphere that encourages individuals to embark on their fitness journeys.

Supporting Texas Health and Environmental Alliance

Our work with the Texas Health and Environmental Alliance highlights our dedication to preventing health hazards linked to environmental issues. By raising awareness of the health risks posed by environmental factors and advocating for preventive measures, we’re helping to create safer, healthier communities.

Our Approach

Falcontail’s health and wellness marketing is built on empathy, innovation, and a deep understanding of the sectors we serve. We strive to:


Amplify Health Missions: Through strategic marketing, we elevate the profiles of organizations dedicated to health and wellness, expanding their reach and impact.


Promote Positive Behaviors: By leveraging insights from behavioral science, we create campaigns that encourage healthy lifestyle choices and mental well-being.


Foster Community Engagement: Our campaigns are designed to build supportive communities around health and wellness initiatives, ensuring lasting change.

Let’s Collaborate

Whether you’re launching a fitness center, advocating for mental health, or addressing environmental health hazards, Falcontail is ready to bring your health and wellness projects to life. Together, we can inspire action and make a tangible difference in the world’s well-being.


Interested in partnering with us? Get in touch to discuss how we can support your health and wellness initiatives.

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