Hospitality Consulting & Analysis

“You have one chance to get things done right. We can help you make it count.” ~ David Landriault

When you are looking for answers, you typically don’t have any time to lose. Hesitation can cause serious problems. The wrong answers can make things even worse. Mastering every aspect of the industry wastes your time and disrupts your core focus. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. We offer experience, an impartial perspective, and all the industry research and knowledge you need to help your hospitality and event business get the right answers at the right time.

We Don’t Use Buzzwords: If you are looking for a company that talks straight and gives you clear, actionable data, then we hope you will consider getting a free evaluation of our services. Stop getting the run-around and start getting answers.

We offer a distinct advantage over other consulting firms!

Consulting & Analysis

• Strategic Plan • Secret Shopper Programs • Business Consulting • Staff Training • Team Building • Sales Analysis • Competitive Analysis • Market Analysis • Marketing Audits • Customer Analysis • Training Videos and Events • Kitchen Flow • Technology Audits • Menu Analysis • Customer Traffic and Flow • Focus Groups

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