“In my journey with Falcontail, I’ve been passionate about elevating small restaurants and regional chains, merging authenticity with innovative marketing to truly make a difference in this ever-evolving industry.” – David Landriault, CEO and Co-Founder of Falcontail.

How Falcontail Can Elevate Your Restaurant’s Success: A Personal Insight


Hi all,

I hope you are all riding the high of a great summer season and ready for fall. When I co-founded Falcontail with my wife and partner Christy, it was created out of a passion to make a difference for businesses that add something unique to the community. We could have worked for Fortune 500 companies, but we deliberately chose to support businesses like the ones our fathers started and ran. Small restaurant businesses and regional chains add so much to the richness of our lives. We made it our mission to be the best at supporting these types of businesses. As the restaurant industry evolves, I’ve seen many establishments grapple with the challenges of digital outreach, and I want to share how Falcontail has helped so many not only keep up but to stand out and get ahead.

First, at Falcontail, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. It can work, but we can be at our most effective when we get to know the inner goals of your business so we can give advice and insight tailored to your specific situation. Each restaurant has its own story, flavors, and ambiance and that should be at the heart of their goals and outreach. The primary mission of effective marketing should be to ensure your brand’s voice remains authentic and true to its essence while capturing the attention of your target customers in a sea of voices.


I’ve always held that authenticity and innovation combine to create the best results. Over the years, our team has perfected the art of joining genuine restaurant narratives with cutting-edge marketing strategies, ensuring that the restaurants we serve resonate deeply with their audience. I am really proud of what we have accomplished. It’s a formula that has worked time and time again. We have taken restaurants that were struggling and helped them survive and thrive, and we have taken successful businesses and helped them grow exponentially.


Just like a restaurant’s menu must cater to various tastes, our suite of services is designed to meet diverse needs. Be it a riveting design or a social media campaign that gets everyone talking, we have it all laid out for you. Plus, with our expertise in areas like reputation and review management, we ensure your restaurant stays in the limelight for all the right reasons and doesn’t appear to be taking customers for granted or, worse, ignoring their complaints.


One thing that I’m incredibly proud of at Falcontail is our commitment to collaboration. Working alongside restaurant owners, understanding their vision, and infusing it into our strategies has always been at the heart of our work. It’s more than just business for us; it’s a partnership.


I believe that our track record speaks volumes. Restaurants we’ve collaborated with have not only seen an influx of patrons but have also carved a distinct niche for themselves in the market.


Navigating the dynamic world of marketing in the restaurant industry can be daunting. But with the right partner, success isn’t just a dream; it’s just a few steps away. If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, let’s work together to turn your restaurant into the talk of the town!



David Landriault
CEO and Co-Founder, Falcontail

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