Solving the False Choice of Agency vs. In-House

“The traditional wisdom said that this required trade-off had to hurt businesses. You just had to choose which losses hurt less. We thought that was the wrong approach.”

When we founded Falcontail, one of our goals was to address the false choices offered when choosing between hiring a digital marketing agency or building an in-house team. The traditional wisdom said that this required trade-off had to hurt businesses. You just had to choose which losses hurt less. We thought that was the wrong approach. We have spent 11 years perfecting what we believe to be the ultimate hybrid solution through reinventing what an agency is and can be. Our philosophy is that there should be no separation between us and the customer. That is why we chose the name Falcontail and not Falcon. We are not the wings that do the hard work or the eyes that see the entire picture. We allow you to be the fastest and most agile in your field because we support that work to give you lift and maneuverability.

Here are some of our solutions.

Combining Expertise with Personalization: We realized that while agencies offer broad expertise, they often lack the intimate business understanding of an in-house team. We merge this wide-ranging proficiency with a deep, personalized approach, aligning our strategies closely with each client’s unique business culture and goals.


Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring all the talent you need to run an effective marketing campaign is very expensive, and those needs can change quickly. We designed our services to be cost-effective and scalable but with the adaptability and attentiveness of an internal team. You don’t have to worry about losing a key team member because our team consistently remains rock-solid.


Innovative Yet Aligned Strategies: The cost of innovation is only outpaced by the cost of not innovating. We bring fresh, creative ideas to the table, keeping up with new platforms and techniques so that you are always on the cutting edge, all while avoid the trap of chasing fads just for the sake of doing so.


Direct Communication and Control: We foster a transparent communication channel with our clients’ businesses, leaders, and their teams.


Building Long-term Relationships: We focus on long-term partnerships rather than a transactional and short-term agency-client relationship. This approach offers a focus on understanding and evolving with the business.


Utilizing Advanced Tools: We equip our company with the latest marketing tools and analytics, offering our clients a level of sophistication that SMEs might find challenging to implement independently.


The Falcontail Philosophy: Our philosophy is simple: SMEs shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to marketing. They deserve an agency that’s as invested in their business with a breadth of knowledge, technology, and resources. Falcontail offers the perfect blend, ensuring our clients receive the best in digital marketing. This innovative approach is not just our solution to a common problem; it’s part of our ongoing commitment to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

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