The Art of Social Media as a Positive Force for Change

“At Falcontail, we’ve chosen a path inspired by ethical principles, particularly those championed by renowned Stanford professor, Dr. BJ Fogg.”

In the realm of digital advertising, especially on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, we often encounter a narrative that paints a picture of manipulation, misdirection, and misuse. As a long-time creator of ads on these platforms, I have also witnessed practices that have left me shocked and deeply concerned about the potential for harm. But, akin to a chisel and hammer, Facebook is a tool whose impact depends mainly on intent. You can create the statue of David or destroy it depending on who wields it.

At Falcontail, we’ve chosen a path inspired by ethical principles, particularly those championed by my friend, client, and renowned Stanford professor, Dr. BJ Fogg. He knows more than anyone about these platforms. In fact, Instagram came from the work of two of his students as part of one of his class projects. His philosophy on the ethical use of persuasive technology has been our guiding light since the inception of our company. For over 11 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to utilizing social media as a force for positive change, proving that responsible use of these platforms can indeed bring about significant good in the world.


One of our most impactful campaigns involved working with a small environmental group, the Texas Health and Environmental Alliance. We leveraged Facebook’s outreach capabilities to help them secure a decision from the Trump Administration’s EPA. This campaign resulted in a monumental $200+ million settlement against two Fortune 100 companies, funding the cleanup of the San Jacinto River Waste Pit and its declaration as a Superfund site, all achieved with minimal resources. This success story is a testament to the power of targeted, well-intentioned digital campaigns powered by people who want to change the world.


Our journey hasn’t stopped there. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve supported level-headed politicians, aiding in implementing life-saving policies in government and schools. Our targeted campaigns have also supported community growth, from building schools and infrastructure through bond initiatives to opening museums and assisting non-profits with fundraising efforts.


These experiences underscore a crucial message: when used responsibly, social media can be a potent tool for societal benefit. However, this power comes with an obligation to uphold ethical standards. It is imperative that we, as users and creators within these platforms, hold both ourselves and the platforms accountable. We must learn from past mistakes and ensure that platforms like Facebook are used in ways that contribute positively to society.


As we move forward, Falcontail remains committed to this goal. Our aim is to continue harnessing the potential of social media to effect real and positive change in the world, proving that when used thoughtfully and ethically, these platforms can indeed be a force for good.

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