Treat Your Marketing Like an Agile Start-Up

by David Landriault (Co-Founder)

Using the agile marketing techniques we created in 2012, we can transform your campaigns into learning opportunities.

Most of you who are successful know about concepts like agile teams, minimum-viable products, scrums, “pivots” and other techniques used by companies like Google and Apple to amazing success.


Surprisingly, employing some of these same techniques can make a marketing campaign wildly successful if altered for our purposes. For example, forming the right team, instilling the right attitude, cultivating the right resources, ensuring proper planning, and maintaining the ability to quickly adapt are all critical to success. In this article, I will advocate a new and radical way of designing successful marketing campaigns by applying these same traits.

By treating your marketing as an independent business and forming its goals accordingly we can cut through the confusion and achieve much higher levels of success for much less. Here are a few of the basic concepts.


1) Form the Right Team: We all know that a great team makes all the difference in the success of a business and the same is true of a marketing team. Some of the largest businesses are run by a small number of highly skilled people. To have a successful agile campaign you need to find a marketer that has the skills needed to perform the job with the least effort possible. If you are designing a new business plan be sure to consult a professional who can help you plan your campaign to accomplish your specific business goals. Once you have chosen an expert, you need to form a cohesive team with them. Your job is to help ensure that they get the materials, information, and cooperation needed to do the best possible job. Without the right team, the design cannot be truly successful.


2) Design with the Right Attitude: Most successful founders are driven by the need to give to others, not the desire to take from them exclusively. A successful marketer should mirror these attitudes to be truly successful. In the modern world, you must put the customer first. You must help them to find their answers and get to know your company and products before you expect anything in return. Once they are comfortable that you can offer a service that meets their needs and will help them succeed, they will avail themselves of your services. Many will also become strong brand advocates.


3) Plan & Cultivate Resources: In order to make a successful campaign we need to have the proper resources and strategies in place. By forming an expert team who will meticulously plan your campaign out before they design it you can make sure that you choose the right resources for your needs.


4) Maintain the Ability to Quickly Adapt: Successful companies reach product market fit as quickly as possible. If you do not it is important to “pivot” or adapt to customer needs very quickly. Because of the rapidly changing nature of business conditions, your campaign needs to adapt quickly as well. Using analytics and quick cycles of production, we can mine for areas of interest and plan a sales or marketing strategy to match. In short, your cam[paign must always be learning more about what your customers want and do not want. Campaigns that learn and adapt are much more successful than those that do not.




The next step is to put all of these ideas together into a constantly evolving agile strategy that can sustain your marketing plan for many cycles. Remember that your plan must be adaptable to allow you to pivot when you find a lucrative avenue of customer engagement. This can be accomplished only if we are listening to what our customers want. Your design strategy should be transparent so that all members of the team are on the same page. A simple strategy is usually best so that you can get your ideas out to the customer in the quickest manner possible. Once you release the campaign materials you must quickly find out what your customers think so you can iterate on a continuous basis.

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