Falcontail: Your Premier Restaurant Marketing Partner

Just as a great restaurant focuses on its culinary strengths rather than offering every dish imaginable, Falcontail zeroes in on what we do best: propelling your restaurant marketing forward through specialized outreach and targeted customer acquisition. We believe in doing what you love and doing it well, and we allow you to focus on your passion for your restaurant while we create a custom marketing plan to help your business acquire customers, improve profit margins, and generate a buzz.

Who We Are

Falcontail is not just another marketing agency. We are your dedicated restaurant marketing agency, combining our deep industry knowledge with creative marketing strategies. Since 2012, our mission has been to help restaurants flourish in an ever-competitive landscape.

Our Approach

At Falcontail, we dive deep to capture your brand’s essence in everything we do, crafting marketing strategies that showcase your unique dining experience. Our services will:


  • Boost Visibility: Cut through the noise with our customized marketing strategies, ensuring your restaurant stands out, even in highly competitive markets.


  • Drive Sales: Engage and expand your sales with our vibrant social media, online order optimization, and digital media campaigns, tailored to echo your brand’s voice across platforms.


  • Optimize Online Presence: Draw in diners with a sleek, mobile-friendly website, designed to navigate effortlessly and showcase what makes your restaurant special.


  • Strengthen Your Brand: We’re offer design services to articulate your brand’s narrative, from your menus to outdoor sinage, ensuring it resonates deeply with your market.

Why Choose Falcontail?

In an industry where superb food and service are just the beginning, Falcontail provides the competitive edge you need. Our targeted strategies are not only about bringing customers through your doors but ensuring they return, bringing friends and family along.

Let’s Collaborate

Are you ready to transform your restaurant business? Falcontail is here to make it happen. With our specialized marketing expertise and your passion for hospitality, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.


Contact Us today to discuss how we can help your business grow.

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